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Health and disease are not a straight forward, black and white subject with a clear distinguished line. Any time you consider yourself as a healthy person, you can be healthier and if you are suffering from any illness it could be worse. Therefore in my opinion, health and disease are not points or stages of your lives that you reach or are stuck in. They change constantly depending on your perception and situation.



Some people categorise their daily life into good days and bad days, good months and bad months and so on and put health on the good side and illness on the bad side. For example, they believe germs are negative and white blood cells are positive. But no matter how much they try to take the good, healthy side, still sometimes they fail and have some negative elements such as drinking alcohol or smoking in their lives.



But, Yin and Yang are the main poles of the same life for example, without being under attack of germs in general, the immune system couldn't defend you! So these aspects are superficially against each other but fundamentally features of the same existence helping life to happen and carry on.



So the question is: why do we get ill and why do we try our best to shorten the recovery time? Where does disease come from and how can we prevent our illnesses?



In the next post I will share my opinion with you about the roots of health and disease.







What is your definition of Health and why do you want to be healthy? I don't want to give you my definition of health but I don't want you to repeat what you've learned from books or society either. This should be your personal definition of health.


Let us explore the obvious. The grey parts of our belief that most of us take them for granted!


Is it enough to say Health is the absence of diseases? Is it convincing for you to think whenever you have no pain or discomfort you are healthy? Do you really have a black and white definition for health and disease or have you swallowed what you've read in books hook, line and sinker?


I invite you to give me only a few minutes of your time and join me in exploring the obvious parts of our lives such as our understanding of health and disease. I won't promise that you will find the answers to your questions but I'm sure you will find very interesting questions!


I'll be blogging regularly once a week so please keep a look out.



Health and Disease





What is your definition of health?


In answer to the question; why do you want to be healthy some people respond that they want to be healthy to enjoy their lives. So for these people enjoyment is the main priority and not being healthy.


The question is how about the fact that most people enjoy unhealthy activities such as drinking alcohol and eating sugar? Is enjoying your life a good reason for being or not being healthy? Isn't it true that the definition of enjoyment is very personal based on our culture, religion, history, background and so forth?!!


Some people say they want to be healthy because they can live longer! But there is no guarantee for any healthy person to have a long life! So many unhealthy people live much longer than healthy ones. People die from road accidents and other unpredictable unrelated things. So in spite of the fact that healthy people relatively can live longer, there are plenty of exemptions.


I've seen so many people who had a healthy life style, very balanced diet and exercise but were so disappointed when they were diagnosed with cancer!


You may have read a lot about the scientific, philosophical or religious definition of health and disease, but it is important to find out yours for yourself. When I see a healthcare practitioner smoking, I understand that his/her definition of health, disease and enjoying life must be totally different from their education.


Health and disease are very important parts of our daily life and they can affect so many aspect of our personal or social life. I invite you to think about it and read my next blog to help explore these issues. I'm going to look at these points further and help build a more complete picture of why health is so important and how it effects our lives daily.


Definition of Health & Disease


Health and Disease;

Stage of our body or state of our mind